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Toron Fortress

Bint Jbeil District

· Nabatieh

Toron, now Tibnin, was one of a series of major Crusader fortresses built along the borders with Palestine.

The fortress was the center of the Lordship of Toron, a seigneury within the Kingdom of Jerusalem, actually a rear-vassalage of the Principality of Galilee.

The fortress was built by the Flemish knight Hugh of Falconberg in 1106 AD to assist in capturing Fatimid Tyre.

He named the fortress Toron due to its location on a steep hill. After the death of Hugh, a knight named Humphrey was invested with the fortress, and founded the dynasty named after Toron which held its lordship throughout the Crusader period.

In 1187, the fortress was taken by the forces of Saladin, only to be taken again by the crusaders in the following years.

Toron tenuously remained in Crusader hands until it was sieged by the Mamluk Sultan Baibars, who in a rare display of mercy, allowed the small Crusader contingent to evacuate in exchange for surrender, which they accepted.

The fortress was used for a while by the Ottomans who reinforced some sections, but it fell in despair later on and what only remains today are remnants of defensive towers, storage rooms, cisterns, and a stable.

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