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The Trilithon Of Jupiter Temple


· Baalbeck-Hermel

The Trilithon (Greek, Tri: 3, Lithon: stones) is the name given for three giant hewn stone blocks holding the western podium of the Jupiter temple in Baalbek.

Each is estimated to weigh over 750 tons and were date back to 27 BC when works begun on expanding the Baalbek complex.
Roman masons devised methods and machines to move these massive blocks from the quarry over a mile, and to then lift them up 7 meters onto a base of smaller blocks.
The trilithon is considered to be on the list of the biggest ever hewn stone blocks in the world. Even though archaeology uncovered how Roman engineering made it possible, fantastic stories are still woven around the majestic 3 stones.
The Trilithon is accessible from the complex's entrance staircase via an alley way that takes you to the back of the temple

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