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Temnine Nymphaeum

Baalbek District

· Baalbeck-Hermel

The nymphaeum covers the source of Ain el-Jobb, in the gorge located 500m west of Temnine el-Faouqa, not far from an ancient necropolis.

Built using blocks of larger dimensions than those of the nymphaeum, they could have been added to a building that would initially have lacked a portico on the facade.

The vault of the nymphaeum comprises fifteen courses of the same height arranged lengthwise, with the key at the level of the eighth course.

The inscription engraved on the lintel of the door is too erased to reveal the identity of the god to whom the nymphaeum is dedicated. The votive altar thimble found near the building is adorned with an eroded bas-relief depicting a standing deity holding in her right hand a pole with a snake wrapped around it. It would be Venus according to G. Taylor, or Hygieia according to L. Nordiguian. These proposals remain uncertain

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