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Sfire Temple

Miniyeh-Danniyeh District

· North

At the foot of the Qornet Hosn el-Aatiq in Sfireh, at an altitude of 1,200 m stands a unique complex of roman temples dating back to the 3rd century A.D.

The grand sanctuary sits on a large megalithic podium, one of its wall is dated by inscription 283-4 A.D, and mentioning the benefactors, Aristonas, Diodoros and Silonas, all have Greek names, but the architect, Gaius, and his stonemasons, Bennius and Publius have Roman names, reflecting the cultural diversity of Roman Lebanon.

It is surrounded by a smaller temple dedicated to “The Lady”, a cultic edifice, several small altars and at the summit, two open air altars, a reminiscence of Semitic cultic practices under Roman rule.

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