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Qsarnaba Temple

Baalbek District

· Baalbeck-Hermel

The temple stands on a rectangular foundation mass over 35 mlong and about 15m wide. It rests on a three-sided podium, dominating a monumental altar with small columns partially carved into the rock. The temple is a building open to the east, of hexastyle prostyle plan and Corinthian order, comprising a pronaos and a cella at the bottom of which the platform of an adyton surmounts a crypt.

The block of the pediment bears a high relief representing the bust of a bearded male figure, dressed in a tunic, provided with a sprinkler and surmounted by an inscription. While recalling that a similar relief appears on the west pediment of the great temple of Niha, L. Nordiguian rightly suggests considering this character as a priest, but he restores his name in an unsatisfactory manner: [Anton ] onianus. You have to read Nonianus.

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