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El Ghine Funerary Site

Kesrouane District

· Mount-Lebanon

El Ghine village houses a unique rock-cut tomb with funerary bas-reliefs.

On top of the massive boulder, we can see a scene of a hunter with a spear or javelin in his hand facing a wild animal. The struggle must have ended with the death of both hunter and bear, thus the tomb of the hunter at the bottom of the boulder. A seated woman in a medallion to the right is shown weeping.

Local tradition says that this is a representation of Phoenicia's god, Adonis, being killed by a wild boar.


The sign (last picture) states "Ici Maurice Barres s'arrêta pour aimer et comprendre nos âmes"- a quote stated by Maurice Barres during his visit to Lebanon in 1914. He was a French novelist, journalist and politician who admired the Phoenician past of the area, and one of his favorite visits was to El Ghine funerary site.

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