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Dubei Fortress

Bint Jbeil District

· South

Dubei Crusader castle, a hidden treasure located near Chakra village, South of Lebanon.

It is part of a series of defensive crusader castles built along the borders with occupied Palestine between the 11th and 12th century A.D, such as Tebnin, Shkif, Al-Kot, Chamee' and Deir Kifa castles.

The Mamluk restored and fortified the castle after its occupation in the mid 12th Century A.D, and it was neglected during the Ottoman period. The castle was also the refuge of Prince Yunus al-Ma’ni and his two sons, Melhem and Hamdan, from the face of the Kajkuk Ahmad Pasha, the governor of Sidon, when he crawled with his soldiers to fight his brother Fakhr El-Din, who fled to Shkif Castle.

Ali Al-Saghir renewed it during the era of Nassif bin Nassar in the 18th century A.D They inhabited and passed it on to their children. After that, the castle became completely abandoned, awaiting the necessary funding to renovate it.

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