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Deir Kifa Fortress

Tyr District

· South

Maroun/Deir Kifa Castle, located in Jabal Amel, is a crusader castle which was built on top of a Phoenician fortress at the beginning of the 12th century AD by the crusader commander Meron.

The castle was conquered and demolished by the Mamluk army in 1289 AD.

It was restored in the middle of the 18th century AD by Sheikh Abbas Muhammad Al Nassar Al Waeli, ruler of Tyr.

The castle was severely damaged by Israel's barbaric bombardments during the 70's, the 80's and the 2006 war.

The castle's area is 17,000 sqm, and consists of 6 to 12 meters height walls, 7 defensive towers, 365 wells, 4 water sources, as well as remains of houses, stables, storage rooms, and prison structures.

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