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Coliath Barrack

Akkar District

· Akkar

Coliath or "the Colea" - francization of non-Arab al-Qulai'a, "the small fortress", the fort, plural al-Qulai'at, the forts - was given by Count Pons of Tripoli to the Hospital order in 1127.

This crusader barrack was built during the first phase of Frankish occupation.
Saladin's brother, al-Adil, took it in 1207 and dismantled it. Reoccupied by the Franks, it was the Mameluke Sultan Baïbars who, during the summer of 1266, completely ruined it as a prelude to the capture of Tripoli.

Its defensive role was mediocre, and it generally served as a home for a campaigning troop in times of war, and for controlling the trade routes between southern Syria and northern Lebanon.

Due to neglect, the barrack was turned into a farmland

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