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Chamaa Fortress

Tyr District

· South

Chama'a village, located on the borders with occupied Palestine, holds a magnificent and underrated crusader fortress, built on a strategic hill that once housed settlements since the Neolithic era.

It is part of a series of defensive crusader fortresses built along the borders between the 11th and 12th century A.D.

Upon the Mamluk conquest, the latter restored and fortified the fortress which remained inhabited by successive local rulers and invaders, and was razed to the ground during the 2006 war.

The fortress preserves today several defensive towers and walls, storage rooms, a necropolis, bathrooms and olive presses.

Right next to the fortress is a shrine which is attributed by local tradition to the prophet Shamoun or Shimon al-Safa, who is said to be Saint Simon the Zealot, or Simon the Cananite.

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