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Burj El Shemali

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Burj El Chemali houses a Medieval-era tower, one of the best preserved in Lebanon.

The tower is privately owned and used for general gatherings among the locals.


The tower is known as "Burj el Chemali" (North Tower), hence the village modern name, while in medieval times, it was known as the "Tour de L'Hopital" (The Hospitalliers Tower), believing that it was erected by The Order of Saint John of Jerusalem.


Measuring about 8 meters high and rectangular-shaped, the tower is a two-story structure built from huge blocks of sand-stone. The wall's facings feature stones with bossage, with a couple arrow slits openings. One of the stones features a lapidary mark, typically used by the Crusaders at the time.

The first level is vaulted and spacious, accessible through two doors, connected to the second level, leading up to the roof where a small outpost is well conserved.

Throughout the Medieval era, the tower overlooked the peninsula of Tyre before being swallowed unfortunately by modern construction.

To access the tower, you need to call Mr. Hussein Wehbi on 03 555 579.

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Karim Sokhn

Tour Operator & Tour Guide


The first drawing of the tower (19th century)

The ground level

The small outpost

The only lapidary mark visible on the outer wall (accessible through a small gate at the edge of the tower)

Arrow slits seen from the outer wall












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