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Burj El Sarafand

Saida District

· South

Sarafand town houses the remnants a defensive tower that dates back to the Medieval period, locally known as Ras El Qanatar and mentioned by 18th century travellers as Burj El Oqaibe. 

It dominates the shore from a rocky height, which seems to indicate that this was a structure designed to guard the old coastal road that linked Sarafand to Tyr.


The tower's structural elements are barely recognizable due to the severe damage of the building. It is erected at the end of a narrow arm of land with eroded and steep walls, advancing from east to west into the sea. 

Apart from large collapsed blocks of masonry, only part of the first course is still in place. The device used is of medium size and uses local stone. 

The stone-cutting technique still in place seems to attest the work to the Franks.

The tower is accessible via "Fouad Ville Resort".

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