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Burj El Rihaneh

· Byblos

El Rihaneh village houses the remnants a defensive tower that dates back to the crusader period.

It dominates the shore from a rocky height, which seems to indicate that this was a structure designed to guard the coastal traffic route between Jbeil and Batroun, similar to its counterpart - Burj Mouheish.


Built by the Franks, the tower's structural elements are well tuned and the workmanship is of good quality. The wall facings are carefully dressed and only a few rubble stones have chamfered bosses. 

The ground floor consisted of a barrel vaulted room,  which is only partially preserved today. At the foot of the southern interior wall, a savage excavation has brought to light the fact that the wall sees its section reduced to the height of the start of the vault.

The upper level has almost completely disappeared. We can still detect the location of a likely open door to the east.

Further studies may reveal the design of the tower and its architectural plans. 

The tower requires a 10 minutes hike from the road. 

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Karim Sokhn

Tour Operator & Tour Guide


Overview of the tower 

Stones with chamfered bosses

The vaulted room and the traces of excavations


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