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Burj El Monsef - Byblos District

· Byblos

Following the Mamluk victory over the Crusaders and their conquest of the Levant, a series of watch towers were built on the coast in the 13th century.

The towers once formed an unbroken chain of light-of-sight observation posts from Naqura to Naher el-Kebir. Their purpose was to defend the coast by preventing future crusader landings.

What we see in these pictures are the remnants of a Mameluk tower (with possible earlier foundations) that once stood on the hill of Rayhan/Monsef village, or Ared Al Burj as the locals call it in relation to the tower (Burj)

Only one floor remains from the tower, and in one of the pictures, you can see clearly a big hole in its fondations - this is caused by treasure hunters trying to find artifacts or gold.

The tower can be seen from the highway of El-Helwe towards Tripoli, 1km before the Madfoun army checkpoint.

The tower is accessible by hiking from the village.

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