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Boqsmaya Temple/Church


· Batroun

Boqsmaya houses the remnants of a medieval era church, adjacent to a modern one, known as St. Simon.


The church is cubic in shape, with one nave and an apse, built from the remains of a unknown era temple. The latter's structural elements are clear: large rectangular stone blocks, a lintel topping the main door, an architrave and a capital found inside the church.

The main door features on its southern side a block of stone emerging out of the facade, bearing what seems to look like a bicorn cross, symbol of the Anchorites (Hermits).

The church was probably built by the Crusaders, with no clear indication if an older one existed from the Byzantine era.

Scroll down to enjoy the pictures and to locate the site on the map.

Karim Sokhn

Tour Operator & Tour Guide


La Vie Religieuse Au Liban Sous L'Empire Romain - Julien Aliquo

The church as seen from its main and back facade

The bicorn cross

Remains of an architrave


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