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Bakka Temple

Rashaya District

· Bekaa

The village of Bakka houses the remnants of a Roman temple. 


The temple dates back between the 2nd and the 3rd century AD.


The temple rests on a massive podium build from local limestone, with the surrounding walls still standing. 

 Following the Corinthian order, it was a tetrastyle prostyle edifice, open to the east, comprising a pronaos (space of the temple’s entrance) and a cella (section where the deity is venerated) at the bottom of which the platform of an adyton (sacred area inside the cella) surmounted a crypt. 

The interior section of the building is almost completely dismantled, and the blocks that used to decorate the temple have been most likely reused in the nearby village. 

 The deity of the sanctuary is unknown since no inscriptions were found on site. 


The condition of the structure is poor, full of garbage, and one can see holes digged inside the adyton by treasure hunters.

Scroll down to enjoy the pictures and to locate the site on the map. 

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La vie Religieuse Au Liban Sous L'Empire Romain - Julien Aliquo

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