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Arqa Site

Akkar District

· Akkar

Arqa village, located in North of Lebanon, holds one of the most important archaeological sites ever excavated.

Arqa has a long history that dates back to the Neolithic era, and was mentioned in Antiquity in the famous Egyptian Amarna letters, as well as Assyrian documents.

Also known as Arqa Caesarea and Caesarea ad Libanum under Roman rule, it was the birthplace of the Roman Emperor Alexander Severus in 207 or 208 AD.

Under Crusaders’ rule, Arqa became a strategic location to control the roads linking Tripoli to Tartus and Homs, but it eventually lost its importance when the city of Tripoli fell to the Mamluks and the crusaders withdrew from the Levant.


Tell Arqa, where archaeological excavations debuted in the early 1970s, revealed an interesting amount of 6000 years old artifacts, and what is more visible today are ovens, clay factories, settlements, defensive walls, etc.

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