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Ain Houchbai Nymphaeum

Baalbek District

· Baalbek-Hermel

El Ain village houses a nymphaeum locally known as Ain Houchbai. 


The nymphaeum is dated anywhere between the 1st and the 3rd century AD during the Roman period.


According to the Latin inscription engraved on the front face of the nymphaeum arcade - which is unfortunately eroded - the building is dedicated to the Heliopolitan Jupiter. 


The nymphaeum is a vaulted chamber that rests on a massive seat which extends inwards, leaving a bench on three sides, the latter almost inexistent anymore. On either side of the channel where the source flows, its floor is paved. 

Right behind the nymphaeum, on its western side, one can see the remnants of a small shrine accessible by rock-carved stairs that leads to a niche that may have housed a votive offering. The site also bears the remnants of a quarry from which the stones of the nymphaeum may have been extracted. 

Scroll down to enjoy the pictures and to locate the site on the map.

Karim Sokhn

Tour Operator & Tour Guide


La vie Religieuse Au Liban Sous L'Empire Romain - Julien Aliquo

The nymphaeum in its current state

Two letters can be recognized from the eroded insctiption (I and O - left side)

The rock-carved stairs that leads the the niche 

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