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    Treasures of Lebanon in a Glimpse

    (The attractions are classified by district and governorate)

  • The Greatest Escapes 

    Wanderleb provides personalized tours that will guarantee an unforgettable and fun experience in Lebanon.



    - Tour customization

    - Transportation, including airport transfers, and guiding throughout your stay

    - Selection and booking of accommodation, culinary experiences and wine tours

    - Selection and organization of cultural site visits and outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling

    City Tours

    1 day

    Wander around the ancient cities of Lebanon, discover its historical landmarks and experience its delicious street food.


    Our suggestions

    - Beirut

    - Sidon

    - Tripoli

    - Byblos

    - Tyr

    Highlight Tours

    1 day

    Discover the main historical, cultural and natural attractions that shaped Lebanon's history and biodiversity.


    Our suggestions

    - Sidon / Tyr

    - Enfeh / Tripoli

    - Anjar / Niha

    - Anjar / Baalbek

    - Jeita / Byblos / Batroun

    - Deir El Qamar / Beit El Dine / Barouk Cedar Reserve

    Off-The-Beaten-Path​ Tours

    1 to 2 days

    Road-trip across Lebanon while discovering hidden historical gems and enjoying breathtaking landscapes.


    Our suggestions

    - Akkar district tour

    - El Chouf district tour

    - West Bekaa district tour

    - Central Bekaa district tour

    - Baalbek-Hermel district tour

    - Kesrouane district tour

    - Batroun district tour

    - Byblos district tour

    Serail Tours

    1 to 2 days

    Discover the unique Western-Eastern architectural design Serails, built between the 15th and 18th century AD by the Emirs of Mount-Lebanon.



    Temple's Tour

    1 to 8 days

    Discover 30th century BC to 2nd century AD Phoenician and Greco-Roman temples scattered around Lebanon.


    Crusader & Mamluk Tours

    1 to 6 days

    Discover 11th to 13th century AD Crusader and Mamluk monuments scattered around Lebanon.

    Natural Tours

    1 to 3 days

    Hike in the reserves and sacred valleys, and cycle to conquer the mountains of Lebanon.

    Culinary & Wine Tours

    1 to 3 days

    Experience an authentic, delicious, healthy and generous cuisine, backed by a wide range of local wines, crafted with love and passion.

    Multi-Day Tours

    1 to 15 days

    A blend of attraction and experiences over a period of 1 to 15 days.


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