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    Behind WANDERLEB


    WanderLeb is a touring company founded by 3 wanderers who are passionate about Lebanon's rich heritage.




    WanderLeb was established to introduce wanderers to Lebanon's historical, natural and cultural Heritage.


    Time Travel

    Across History...

    Discover the rich and diverse History of Lebanon while visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites, major archaeological sites and lesser known gems all around the country.

    Breath in, Breath out

    Get Immersed

    We introduce wanderers to the wealth of Lebanon's biodiversity and its natural wonders.

  • what you should know?

    We provide professional, flexible and friendly services

    Our Tours

    Private tours only.

    Our tours are tailored excursions for couples, families, group of friends, corporate companies, embassies and other organizations.


    We are operational for 1 to 15 individuals.

    Our Logistics & Services

    What do we provide?

    1- Transportation

    We provide transportation by car, mini-van and bus from Beirut.

    Beirut tours are organized by foot, as well as a mini-van when required.


    2- Services

    The basic services provided for every tour are transportation, guiding, street food and insurance.


    We can also provide extra services upon request, such as breakfast/lunch/dinner, wine tasting, boat cruise, hiking, biking, etc.

    Date & Time of Tours

    Join us anytime.


    Most of the tours are available year round, 7 days a week.


    Average time:

    1- Half day (8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.): For Beirut outings


    2- Full day (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.): For locations outside Beirut

    Pricing & Booking

    Let curiosity book you today

    1- Pricing:

    Standard rate per wanderer outside Beirut:

    1 wanderer: 225$

    2 to 4 wanderers: 120$/wanderer

    5 to 7 wanderers: 100$/wanderer

    8 to 10 wanderers: 80$/wanderer


    2- Booking:

    Select your desired tour from the below sections and email us your request/inquiry on info@wanderleb.org

  • Beirut - The Beginning

    Our heart goes to Beirut, the city that embraces history and modernism.

    We diversified our tours in Beirut for its unique energy, and for the richness it provides.


    Pick your desired tour and contact us for further info.

    (Price of the tour depends on the number of participants and services)

    Biruta/Berytus Tour

    Discover Phoenician and Roman ruins in Beirut.

    (Archaeological Tell, Roman baths, St. Georges underground museum).



    Timing of the walk : approx 3 hours

    Length of the walk: approx 2km

    Ottoman Beirut

    Discover Ottoman Beirut and its hidden gems: Sanayeh garden, the Grand Serail, Zawiyat al-'Araq aka the story of coffee, Zkak El Blat or Sursok neighborhood.


    Timing of the walk : approx 3 hours

    Length of the walk: approx 2km

    Beirut Sacred Destinations

    Discover Beirut's historical sacred destinations (DT's Cathedrals and Mosques), legends (St. Georges/Al-Khodr) and various hidden shrines.



    Timing of the walk : approx 3 hours

    Length of the walk: 2km

    Museums Tour

    Visit Beirut's major museums such as the National Museum, AUB , Sursock, MIM (Mineral Museum) and BDL Museum.


    Tour organized in a bus/mini-van

    Choose 2 museums upon booking for a 4 hours tour.

    Traditional Houses Tour

    Discover the birth of the Beiruti house and its different types while walking through Clemencau, Zariff, Zokak el-Blat and Gemayzeh areas.


    Timing of the walk : approx 4 hours

    Length of the walk: approx 3km

    Wandering in Borj Hamoud

    Discover the Armenian Town of Beirut, its history, urban layout, souk and hidden gems.



    Timing of the walk : approx 3 hours

    Length of the walk: 2km

  • Time travel

    Lebanon's History is ancient and diverse. Succeeding civilizations have left their marks in monuments, traditions and various types of Heritage. Lebanon's major and lesser known archaeological sites are a testimony to human ingenuity, passion and beauty.


    Our Passion for History had us assemble and craft a chain of exploration tours, in both urban and rural regions, to introduce the public to historical, archaeological and cultural sites, as well as traditional lifestyles and home-made products.


    Pick your desired tour and contact us for further info.

    (Price of the tour depends on the number of participants and services)

    Enfeh - Tripoli

    Wander through Tarablous al-Sham, the second Mamluk city in the world and its major landmarks (Citadel, Souks, Khans, Hammans, Mosques and Churches).


    Visit Our Lady of Lights (Nouriyeh), discover its story and learn about local rituals and art.


    Discover Musaylaha fort and learn about Anfe’s crusader’s fort and salt extraction.

    Ehden - Bcharre - Dimane

    Wander in the highlands of northern Lebanon. Discover Ehden and its landmarks (Saydet el hosn, al-Ketleh church, the oldest Maronite church in Lebanon Mar Mema, al-Midan, al-Kubra, Saint Sarkis convent and the mummy of Youssef bek Karam).


    Visit Bcharreh and discover Gebran's house and museum.


    Wander in the shades of Arz el-Rab, the Cedar forest and discover the story of Lebanon's national symbol.


    Visit Diman, the summer residence of the Maronite Patriarch and discover the beautiful frescoes painted by Saliba Dwaihy one of Lebanon's leading modern artists.


    Wander in Qadisha, the holy valley and its two branches.


    Qozhaya branch: visit St. Anthony's convent, discover the tale of his cave and the story behind the first print in the Middle East.


    Qanoubine branch: discover St. Elisha rock cut monastery, hike to our Lady of Qanoubine, old Maronite patriarchal seat and discover its unique frescoes and tales.

    Tannourine - Douma

    Enjoy geology and discover the amazing Sink holes in Bal'aa-Tannourine.


    Visit St. John convent and learn about Byzantine art. Walk the streets of old Douma, discover the unique story of the birth of the town, its landmarks (souks, houses, churches), learn the basics in traditional Lebanese architecture and enjoy beautiful scenes.

    Byblos - Batroun

    Wander in Byblos, the oldest town in Lebanon while touring the archaeological site and discovering Phoenician history (Neolithic houses, temples, royal necropolis, defensive structures).


    Wander in Batroun, discover its landmarks and major monuments (Phoenician quarry, churches, old souks and houses) and have a taste of Batroun's traditional lemonade.

    Nahr Ibrahim - Akoura

    Wander in the landscape behind the most famous Phoenician legend of all times.


    Visit Mashnaqa: a monumental roman altar dedicated to local cults.


    Discover the blue temple complex of Yanouh. Visit the Afqa cave and learn about geology and Phoenician mythology.


    Discover the ruins of Astarte temple in Afqa and the survival of her cult.


    Walk down to the sacred pond.


    Hammana - Mtein - Salima

    Visit Mtein, discover a traditional Lebanese town, its Ottoman palaces, Midan (central square) and silk mill.


    Visit Hamana, a traditional summer village. Learn about its famous cherries, Ain el-Soha spring, old souks and Mezher palace. Special stop: enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of Lamartine's valley.


    Discover the amazing abandoned palaces of Salima, learn how to read a palace gate: traditional patterns and symbols in local architecture. Sawfar (Dona Maria, Casiona Sawfar, Train station).


    Deir El Qamar - Jezzine

    Discover Deir el-Qamar, capital of Ottoman Mount Lebanon.


    Visit its Midan, palaces, churches, mosque, synagogue, old houses and learn about the birth of modern Lebanon.


    Visit Beit-eddine palace and learn about local high end architecture, luxury and ottoman era elegance.

    Saida - Tyre - Naqoura

    Visit Saida and discover a preserved ottoman city and its landmarks: Khan el franj, ols souk, Audeh Soap Museum, Debbaneh palace, old churches and mosques, crusader forts (land and sea).


    Discover the Cave of 'Adloun, site of the oldest human prehistoric settlement in Lebanon.


    Visit Tyr/Sour: discover the roman city, its paved streets, necropolis, aqueduct, triumphal arch, circus and baths. Walk the Ottoman town and discover the "Hara" and its apostolic churches.


    Visit the Tyr Coast Reserve and discover the life of Mediterranean turtles.


    Discover Lebanon's southern borders, Naqura, the famous white cap and its unique biosphere and WWII fortifications.

    Wadi el-Taym

    Learn about Lebanon' struggle for independence in 1943 while visiting the Rachaya fort.


    Discover a traditional souk and heritage Lebanese houses in the town of Rachaya. Visit an Ottoman palace and meet one of the last Shehabi Emirs of Lebanon. Discover the grim story behind Khiam's famous prison.


    Discover Marjaayoun old core: traditional houses, churches and souk and the breathtaking Beaufort/Chqif crusader fort.

    Baalback - Aanjar


    Discover two UNESCO World Heritage sites. Visit the only preserved Umayyad city in the world, discover early Islamic urbanism, art and architecture.


    Visit Terbol's traditional adobe house and learn about traditional eco-friendly heritage architecture in Lebanon.


    Visit the largest Roman temple complex in the world in Baalbek.


    Discover the Jupiter and Bacchus temples, the famous Trilithon (largest used stones), Fortune's shrine and the sites' museum while learning about ancient cults and roman architecture.


    Visit the city's roman walls, gates and quarries and climb the gigantic stairs to sheikh Abdallah's hill. site of the temple of Mercury and enjoy a panoramic view of Baalbek.

  • Natural Wonders

    Breathtaking sceneries, magical wonders ... and much more!


    Pick your desired tour and contact us for further info.

    (Price of the tour depends on the number of participants and services)

    Bcharri & Tannourine Cedars

    Visit Bcharri cedars (aka cedars of God) that was once exploited throughout history by different civilizations for shipbuilding and monument building.


    Visit Tannourine cedar reserve and discover its unique ecosystem of various trees and wild life,

    Jaj Cedars, Bechaale Olive Trees & Bala'a Waterfall

    Visit Jaj cedars that was once exploited throughout history by different civilizations for shipbuilding and monument construction.


    Visit the spectacular natural bridges of Bala'a and Bechaale's 6000 years old olive trees.

    Jeita Grotto & Faqra Natural Bridge

    Visit Jeita Grotto, a natural wonder formed over thousands of years. It is made up of two interconnected caves with karstic limestone walls that spread over an area of 9km.


    Visit the natural-formed Stone Bridge of Faqra.

    Barouk Cedars & Ammiq Wetland

    Visit the largest of the cedar reserves - Barouk, along with its unique ecosystem of various trees and wild life.


    Visit the Ammiq Wetland which is the last significant wetland in Lebanon,a remnant of extensive marshes and lakes that once covered parts of the Beqaa Valley.

    Bkassine Pines & Jezzine Valley

    Visit Bkassine that holds the largest pine field in the Middle-East.


    Visit Jezzine cliffs that overlook breathtaking valleys and waterfalls.

    Akoura Cliff & Afqa Grotto



    Visit Akoura's cliff that overlooks magical valleys and mountains.


    Visit the historical Afqa Grotto where the legend of Adonis was born.

  • Our Handpicked Tours

    The Railway Tour

    The Lost Path

    Discover the railway stations that link Beirut to the Beqaa, as well as the train's production factory.

    The Emirs' Palaces

    Time of the Emirs

    Discover the magical palaces of the Emirs that date back to the ottoman era.

    The Rabbit Island

    Offshore Discovery

    Discover the natural reserve of the Rabbit Island and surrounding islands.

    The Southern Borders

    A Tale of History

    Discover the southern borders with occupied Palestine from Naqoura to Fatme Gate.

    Bedouin Escape

    Back to Basics

    Time to disconnect from the modern world and connect again with nature and simplicity.

    Boat Cruise

    Along the Coast

    Mount-Lebanon seen from the sea, fishing activity, grilled fish and much more.

    Batroun Wineries

    Taste to remember

    Get introduced to local wine production at Aurora, Ixsir and Coteaux de Botrys.

    Bekaa Wineries

    Get Immersed

    Get introduced to local wine production at St. Thomas, Qanafar, Ksara and Kefraya wineries.

  • The Greatest Escapes

    Tour Of Lebanon

    8 to 12 days

    Get the most out of Lebanon's historical, cultural and natural attractions.

    Tour of the South

    3 days or 4 days

    Tour of the South brings you a unique discovery of old and modern historical events and attractions

    Tour of the North

    3 days or 4 days

    Tour of the North brings you a unique discovery of old cities and villages along with natural attractions.

    Tour of the Bekaa

    2 days or 3 days

    Tour of the Bekaa brings you a unique experience of cultural and traditional habits.

    Batroun Escape

    2 days or 3 days

    A set of outdoor activities for couples, families and group of friends: snorkeling in Batroun's beach, flouka cruise, wandering in old souks, wine tasting, traditional food, cycling, etc.

    Al Shouf Escape

    2 days or 3 days

    A set of outdoor activities for couples, families and group of friends: wandering in cedar reserves, traditional food, cycling, etc.

    Al Maten Escape

    2 days or 3 days

    A set of outdoor activities for couples, families and group of friends: wandering in nature, traditional food, wine tasting, discovery of historical monuments, cycling, etc.

    Tyre Escape

    2 days or 3 days

    A set of outdoor activities for couples, families and group of friends: snorkeling in Tyre's beach, flouka cruise, wandering in old souks, discovery of historical monuments, cycling, etc.

  • Meet the wanderers

    Passionate ones.

    Karim Sokhn

    Professional Explorer

    Karim Sokhn, holds a B.A in Social Work, and is an entrepreneur in tourism, sports, transport and mobility sectors.


    For over 5 years, Karim worked with local and international organizations in the psychological, physical and humanitarian fields.


    In 2012, he established CyclingCircle, a company specialized in organising bike touring activities.

    In 2013, he founded Deghri Messengers, a green courier service that provides and operates deliveries by bicycle of goods and packages within Beirut.


    In 2016, Karim co-founded WANDERLEB, and is currently the operations manager and outdoor Guru.


    Jennifer El Hage

    Unconventional Travel Expert


    Jennifer El Hage, holds an M.A in Art Direction and Digital Graphic Design. For over 5 years, Jennifer worked and lived between Italy and Germany until she moved back this year to Lebanon to establish her own design agency bridging with Europe.


    Jennifer is an unconventional traveler where every year she goes on discovering new aspects of Europe, Latin and South America with her backpack known as “Glampacker”.


    In 2016, Jennifer co-founded WANDERLEB, and is its creative and official glam-packer.


    For the love of foreigners, traveling and Lebanon.

    Charles Al-Hayek

    Historian-Teacher-Heritage Expert

    Charles Al-Haëk, holds an M.A in History and Archaeology and works as a high school vice-principle, teacher and researcher. Charles is fond of Heritage, nature and culture. He strongly believes that a better understanding of the past is the key to build and plan a better future.


    In 2016, Charles co-founded WANDERLEB, and is its consultant and time traveler.

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